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Rates: We offer very competitive rates. Please contact us for discount information and to find out how you can get a New Client Gift Certificate. In addition, we will be happy to issue a quote for your project promptly and free of charge.


TRANSLATION (English-Spanish): We offer prompt, reliable and accurate translations of a wide variety of business, legal, literary, scientific and technical documents. Certification for legal documents is available. 


Important: Due to the undeniable fact that editing and proofreading are essential steps in the translation process, all translation orders include, at no extra charge, a round of complete copyediting and proofreading, so that the final product we deliver is an absolute client-ready, finished product.  


COPYEDITING (in Spanish): This involves the identification and correction of mistranslations, errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage and minor formatting issues. It also includes minor style changes to maintain fluency and/or the proper register. When it comes to copyediting translations done by our in-house team or by third parties, we follow a very strict process:


1. The editor compares the translation word by word against the original in order to detect omissions, as well as issues relating to meaning and terminology.

2. The editor then reads the translation thoroughly to correct any linguistic mistakes and to ensure consistency throughout the document. In some cases, the editor also adds comments suggesting or explaining certain language changes.

3. Next, the editor proofreads the translation one last time to verify that the final version is free of typos. At this stage, the editor also verifies that the translation has the same format as the original document. Should the project be of considerable length, we may also assign a proofreader to take care of this step to ensure excellent quality of the end product.

4. Lastly, the project coordinator verifies the quality of the final product before submission to the client.


PROOFREADING (in Spanish): This involves the identification and correction of typos and remaining inconsistencies of an already edited and formatted translation. The proofreader also verifies that the translation has the same format as the original document.

Please note

For all copyediting and proofreading orders, the client will receive a redlined and commented version of the translation, as well as a client-ready file. Once clients receive the final product, we encourage them to contact us, should they need further advice on any of the changes or suggestions made.